If you find yourself in a casino, you sure decide to go there yourself and you basically are an adult. There are things you should not do to a casino dealer because you came to have a nice game and you want the game to be in your favor. The casino dealer basically deals you the card and help in the basic officiating of the game. Playing table games in a casino require some etiquette to avoid being thrown out or simply having a bad time. You came to have fun and you can do just that. We want you to have the best of the game at Hollywood casino online, so don’t do any of these things to a casino dealer.

Blame them for your loss

There is no need to blame the dealer for your loss. It is quite understandable that when one is not on the winning team, he can easily find faults in little things. Don’t try to get irritated at the dealer. Don’t feel like he is dealing to slow or not looking your way or responding to your questions or jokes as he should. Remember it’s his job and he would do it to the best of his ability. Most dealers are as respectful as possible and won’t try to establish any too-friendly relationship with you if this is what you are looking for, and then you might be going off route. Try to stay focused on your game and have a nice time regardless.

Act Responsibly

Try to act responsibly. Some people try o cover up a cheat by accusing the dealer of something he didn’t do. The dealer controls the table, so you wouldn’t want to act in a way that puts his job at risk. Try to be responsible as possible. Don’t use words that might sound derogatory to anyone. You can play table games at Hollywood casino online and enjoy privacy.

Not tipping the dealer

Deciding whether to tip a dealer or not can always be a tricky one. Tipping has never been a written law and a non-written law is mostly the most difficult to break as you
often can pass it off with excuses, but rather you get the repercussions. While they can’t ask you for a tip, you should tip him. Also, bear in mind that some states prohibit tipping but this has not stopped dealers from doing what must be done. And in their world is adding more money to their pockets. It doesn’t really affect your potential to win or lose; it just makes you look nice.

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Don’t flirt with a dealer

A dealer can be a man or a woman. Whatever the case, don’t flirt with one. He is supposed to act very courteously and professional to you and not too friendly. Don’t try to overdo it. You don’t want to put him at risk of losing his job or make others believe that you guys might be working out a trick or two together. Try to be courteous as possible and let it end on that level on the table. If you are interested in the dealer, you can try her after the close of her working hours.

Don’t try to cheat them

Don’t say what they didn’t do and try to pull up a cheat. You might just be shamefaced. Casino etiquettes are important, even more so, on the casino tables. Where there are other gentlemen and women sitting around like you. Nobody wants to get the wrong impression about anyone. Getting on the wrong side of the dealer is an easy way to get things sour for your game session. If you want to turn your luck on, stay away from doing these things to a casino dealer, you can check out Hollywood casino online for casino table games.