Pros And Cons of Playing Online Slots in the UK

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Pros And Cons of Playing Online Slots in the UK

Usually, online slot games are part of these colourful and very popular games that you simply play by inserting coins and pulling the lever. These online games like the ones found at Wizard Slots mimic the look, feel and experience of your real casino counterparts. those that are the backbone of all the casinos in the world. The main reason is that this is a game that does not require much reflection. It is based more on luck than on strategic planning. All slot games consist of a specific number of reels, a certain collection of symbols and a defined number of combinations that could be formed by the symbols on the reels to provide optimal results. Each slot machine has a rotary knob or a handle where it clicks or pulls to activate the reels. Many people visit casinos online or offline just to play in slot machines; They could be adults, teenagers or children.

Pros And Cons of Playing Online Slots

Let’s see why online slots are considered the most popular on the web. First, online slots outperform all other games with a combination of simplicity and high payouts. By playing this online casino game in the UK, it is possible to generate thousands of winnings and jackpots by simply spinning the reels with different symbols. All of these features and principles have been transferred from arcade land casino games, but why do people tend to play online slot machines instead of going to physical play venues? The secret lies in the fact that the websites of British online casinos present various promotions and rewards to their players. This enriching system is impossible in real gaming environments because it is totally based on the virtual account platform.

online slots uk

In addition to saving money and time to visit a real casino, UK casino players can enjoy playing online slots in different game modes and choose between downloadable versions of no download slots. In general, the features of both variants are identical, the only difference being the need to download and install the online slot machine software before starting to play. According to the practice of online casino players in the United Kingdom, no-download slot machines are more convenient because their gameplay greatly accelerates the game.

The other benefits of non-downloadable slots are the improved graphics quality and the immediate connection to your UK online casino account, without any intermediate casino lobby or other additional applications and installable customers.

The only thing I’ve noticed so far, and that makes online slot machines less exciting than in real casinos, is that playing at home lacks the usual emotion of other players around you. On the other hand, slot machines have always been individual casino games, in which you do not meet other players, but a machine. Online slot machines can also be entertaining because they offer many special features such as additional betting rounds, etc.

If you really like online slot machines, it’s best if you play in no-download casinos, as online casino software developers always offer new slots games. No download slot saves you a lot of time because you can read them directly from the browser without having to download them. Players can enjoy the game without downloading them from any computer with Internet access.


Enjoy playing online slots

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Enjoy playing online slots

Today, many people are excited about playing their favorite slot games when and where they want at sites such as EasySlots. Advanced software options makes it easy to play your favorite slot games from any handheld device including a smartphone or device with iOS technology. Your opportunity to enjoy slots are trusted to professional software networks like NetEnt. This means you can play your favorite games with an action filled theme that won’t let you miss a thing. You’re in the middle of the action each time you sit down to play slots online. Best of all, players can play for fun or real money when they play slots.


Types Of Slot Games

Every slot is played over a reel. The most common slot reels are 5 and 9 reels. In fact, 5 discs equal a 5 reel. The reels in slots are key because they’re what the players are spinning to get a winning combo when they play. Reels also consists of symbols or images. Sometimes, those symbols and images may or may not have meaning. When you play 5 reels, they’re more complex than simple 3 disc slot options. However, 5 reel slots have more ways for you to win. There may also be wild symbols that give you more opportunities to win when you play slots online.

You need a strong understanding of the slot game you’re playing to be successful. When you’re playing slots, you can’t wait to hear the winners chime or those flashing lights that declare you hit the jackpot! People enjoy playing slots because they have a higher payout than traditional games. Both online and land based casinos offer slot payouts that average 80-90 percent. Surprisingly, over 85 percent of what’s taken in on slots is paid out as a jackpot. This increases your odds to get a higher payout. Players that persistently plays slots online have a higher opportunity to win.

Popular online slot games


– number of reels

– video slots

– 3-D slots

– paylines

– progressive slots

– flat top

You need a strong knowledge of the slot games you’re playing online to avoid losing money. Slots are fairly easy to play by simply depositing your money, pulling the level, or pressing the button to begin your unique game experience. People enjoy the easy play options that are associated with playing slots and prefer them over other online games. You can choose from several different online slots that offer different play options. If you need assistance, most slots come with a video tutorial or customer service.

When you play slots online, you have a better odds if you wager your options with real money. Free online slots allow you to gain experience. Online slots initiate incentives that also give you free spin and bonus options for even more chances to win. Plus, the simplicity of slots makes it easier to find a favorite. However, there are literally hundreds of play slots online options to choose from. Today, players have the option of playing from a website or downloading games on their electronic handheld device (including a tablet) or a PC. You’re invited to go online, and choose a slot game that you can enjoy today.



Things You Should Not Be Doing To Casino Dealers

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Things You Should Not Be Doing To Casino Dealers

If you find yourself in a casino, you sure decide to go there yourself and you basically are an adult. There are things you should not do to a casino dealer because you came to have a nice game and you want the game to be in your favor. The casino dealer basically deals you the card and help in the basic officiating of the game. Playing table games in a casino require some etiquette to avoid being thrown out or simply having a bad time. You came to have fun and you can do just that. We want you to have the best of the game at Hollywood casino online, so don’t do any of these things to a casino dealer.

Blame them for your loss

There is no need to blame the dealer for your loss. It is quite understandable that when one is not on the winning team, he can easily find faults in little things. Don’t try to get irritated at the dealer. Don’t feel like he is dealing to slow or not looking your way or responding to your questions or jokes as he should. Remember it’s his job and he would do it to the best of his ability. Most dealers are as respectful as possible and won’t try to establish any too-friendly relationship with you if this is what you are looking for, and then you might be going off route. Try to stay focused on your game and have a nice time regardless.

Act Responsibly

Try to act responsibly. Some people try o cover up a cheat by accusing the dealer of something he didn’t do. The dealer controls the table, so you wouldn’t want to act in a way that puts his job at risk. Try to be responsible as possible. Don’t use words that might sound derogatory to anyone. You can play table games at Hollywood casino online and enjoy privacy.

Not tipping the dealer

Deciding whether to tip a dealer or not can always be a tricky one. Tipping has never been a written law and a non-written law is mostly the most difficult to break as you
often can pass it off with excuses, but rather you get the repercussions. While they can’t ask you for a tip, you should tip him. Also, bear in mind that some states prohibit tipping but this has not stopped dealers from doing what must be done. And in their world is adding more money to their pockets. It doesn’t really affect your potential to win or lose; it just makes you look nice.

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Don’t flirt with a dealer

A dealer can be a man or a woman. Whatever the case, don’t flirt with one. He is supposed to act very courteously and professional to you and not too friendly. Don’t try to overdo it. You don’t want to put him at risk of losing his job or make others believe that you guys might be working out a trick or two together. Try to be courteous as possible and let it end on that level on the table. If you are interested in the dealer, you can try her after the close of her working hours.

Don’t try to cheat them

Don’t say what they didn’t do and try to pull up a cheat. You might just be shamefaced. Casino etiquettes are important, even more so, on the casino tables. Where there are other gentlemen and women sitting around like you. Nobody wants to get the wrong impression about anyone. Getting on the wrong side of the dealer is an easy way to get things sour for your game session. If you want to turn your luck on, stay away from doing these things to a casino dealer, you can check out Hollywood casino online for casino table games.


How To Get Away With A Jackpot In Real Online Casinos

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How To Get Away With A Jackpot In Real Online Casinos


Real online gambling games are purely based on chance along with some amount of risk and tact. Mastery of some special skills could also fetch you good results. However, chance always plays a big role in gambling.

There is a whole lot of jackpot games to choose from the internet world. The level of excitement that these games bring out is so high as to make them extremely addictive. In this post, we shall discuss some golden tips on how to get away with a jackpot in real online casinos.

Live The Experience

Online live casino games make gambling more enthralling and thrilling. The experience is such that you feel as though you actually feel that you are playing in a real casino. This has become possible in the casino industry because of the various software available that feature a beautiful user interface and user experience. This makes the gameplay as fascinating and as entertaining as playing in a real casino, consequently making it possible to win a jackpot.

Game Options

The best thing about these online casinos is that they provide an enormous number of games, great customer support, and accurate payment options. Additionally, they offer a range of slots to suit different budget levels. They offer tips and tricks which aim at maximizing your chances of winning a jackpot. Based on your experience and winning styles you get some free tips which can fetch you more jackpots. Some famous jackpot games played online are Mega-Moolah Online Jackpot, 777 Slots Jackpot, Lucky Leprechaun, Diamond Wild Jackpots etc.

Try To Learn Some Fun Things About The Jackpot

The fun thing about real online casino games is that there are a lot of variations in the way each gameplay offers the jackpot. There is no chance that you will get bored with the same type of game. This makes it thrilling and emphasizes learning new tricks to win successively, other than that you must also know the common mistakes of the gamblers. Progressive jackpots are very popular in the gambling world, which is a great thing because the jackpot money varies when all players are having a gala time. You will find out about progressive jackpot offerings on the dashboard of some of the biggest casino websites.

Tips And Strategies

Making nearly perfect strategies while playing real online casino games makes your game more interesting and enjoyable. While you enjoy your game, remember that the key rule should be your designed strategy. You always can’t win by chance. A bit of skill is required to win big. Therefore, making your best move is the trick to win any jackpot. Few of the online casino games offer a promotional bonus and there is always a range of deals available online, so you just need to be smart to make the best of the offers. One more thing to keep in mind is to make sure your game is streaming without any hiccups is to have steady internet connectivity.

Playing It Safe

It’s best to get off the game when you know that you have enough victories in your pocket. These games are very addictive, hence making the best move to stop when it is required is very important. Some days make your pocket heavy, but some days don’t. You never know what is in store for you. As there are so many options that you can’t get enough of playing, being responsible while disposing of your money can fetch you the right results.


Playing makes you happy and the jackpot makes you extremely happy. Go there, win big, play safe and stay happy and that’s what is the rule of real online casino.



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As we all know the art of winning and losing money in the form of gambling can be a very devastating experience. For most young people betting or gambling, either online or at the casino has been a fun and overwhelming experience as well. sometimes the situation can get a bit out of hand and there a gambler may require the assistance of an online casino dealer. Here we look at five reasons why a casino dealer should be respected by any gambler.

Free bonus/bonus codes.

The role of a casino dealer is to ensure that the game is moving swiftly as people go along playing,they help you identify with wins and loses and extra bonuses as well throughout your game, if they feel you were not respectful to them they may choose to ignore informing you of such gains acquired during your game and this could lead to loss of money and other assets as well. They could also ensure they point you to the right place during your game where you ate likely to wins and bonus. They will guide you within the limits of the game as well if they happen to like you.


You clearly do not want to mess with the person who is holding your check. As a player/gambler, it would be wise to ensure you do not have any confrontations with casino dealers as they handle payments to the winning party and collect from the losing party. If you are in good terms with the casino dealer he may allow you to hold on to your payments in case you lose a game, or may allow you to borrow money from him and pay it to the person you lost to then pay him later with interest. This would allow you to buy time and avoid any confrontations with the person you were playing against.

Key observers.

It is the duty of a casino dealer to check on which patron is breaking or keeping the roles while the game is in the process. That said a casino dealer could save you from losing a lot of money when gambling. They may choose to ignore you or help you depending on how you treated them when you came in or during your previous visits. They may choose to rectify a mistake unnoticeable to the players made by a patron or ignore it.

Determine ultimate winners

When it comes to online casinos the casino dealer has the overall right to declare who is the ultimate winner of the game ,Using their mechanical and mental skills they can tell who played the game rarely and who won,If you happen to not understand the rules of the game well enough, the casino dealer my take away your win and hand it to someone else if he feels you he was disrespected by you.


Its common knowledge that every human being ought to be respected regardless of who or what they are. It does not matter what occupation you hold. Every occupation is important. We should not disregard others just because we think they have a lesser job than others.whetheronline or at a physical casino, every casino dealer a player should be respected.

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Common Mistakes for Not winning the Lottery

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Common Mistakes for Not winning the Lottery

Being a casino player requires knowledge of the game. Poker is an interesting game, one of the most popular online casinos. Casinos need strategies, techniques, and good decision making. But if you’re new to online slots, you are prone to losing a lottery. Some play for several hours without realizing that they’re making the same old mistakes again. Roulette players have to learn to deal with such mistakes to be able to take on to their next successful move in the casino.

These are the main reasons why you should not win the lottery:

1.Too much of a hand

One of the most common reasons why people do not win at the casino is the initial hand. Some play badly when they play too much when they play only with good hands. In Roulette, it’s good to be selective when choosing quality hands.

Watching a player puts money in the way to see each flop is a very common mistake and his opponent’s experts can take advantage of this situation. Undoubtedly, you can occasionally hit home at home or much, but most likely your stack or your bankroll is steadily decreasing until you stay at a minimum profit when you hit a big hand that results in a loss.

2.Copying movements of other players.

Mostly happens with the newcomers. Without thinking twice, they copy the moves or strategies of other players. Remember that you do not know what this movement involves or the strategy behind it. You did not even know the circumstances under which they did it.

Do not rush and do not copy others, casino players are moving without thinking. In poker, players who learn and carefully plan their moves have a better chance of winning. You need to find your style of the game that goes with your skills and knowledge so you can win.

When You’re afraid of big bets

As you begin to play online slots with other poker professionals with an aggressive moved, don’t be afraid of big bets. The casino has to do with action and if you are afraid of big bets, you will never make money playing the game. You should always bet on money you can lose and do not be afraid you will lose everything in one hand for the poker table. — Find out whose are these richest gamblers ever.

Too obvious bluffing

Poker players make mistakes in a way that cheats more than they should. However, bluffing is a great way to force your opponent to retreat and take the path, using it very often in your game, your credibility really burns. With this type of strategy, be sure to have a strong hand and always re-evaluate your movements to avoid the risk of your chips.

In addition, it is very important that poker players know about the bankroll. A great casino player needs to know how to win the game, which makes him live in the long run on the online slots.

Casino players who continue to make the same old poker mistakes may not want to be at the next list of Championships


5 Richest Gambling Winners

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5 Richest Gambling Winners

We have all dreamed of winning the lottery, hitting that huge jackpot or being able to win at one of the gambling tables. Most of us don’t but then there are those that are actually professional gamblers and have hit the big times!

There are some professional gamblers out that have learned to either play the system and win, count cards or are just darn lucky. But mostly the ones that are still rich today and probably still getting richer are the ones that have learned when to play, not to play or know how to count cards!

With internet bursting with online slots and casino’s these professional gamblers have the world at their feet. As their playgrounds just got bigger giving them not only a place to earn more money but a place to sharpen their skills even more and practice online.

Most of the richest gamblers, however, may fiddle online but they have got rich in the actual brick and mortar casino establishments or betting bookies. An online casino may be convenient, but it lacks the thrill of pitting your wits against the actual tables in a crowded room filled with bustle and the twiddling noises of the slots in the background.

In no particular order here are 5 of the Richest Gamblers in the world:

Bill Benter

Is a brilliant mathematician, who after getting a physics degree hit the casino strip in Vegas! His particular table of choice being the blackjack table. Using his excellent mathematics skills her started to count card and read books on how to hone this particular talent to nearly perfect. But after seven years of effectively counting cards, he was banned from nearly every casino along the Vegas strip.

After being banned from the casino he teamed up with another rich gambler that is on our list, Alan Woods. Together, each bringing their unique talent to the table, they joined forces and started betting on the horse racing scene. After both moving to Hong Kong, they developed a mathematical formula for predicting racing outcomes.

He makes an average of $4.5 to 10 million per race and around $100 million a year.

Zeljko Ranogajec

A mathematics wiz from Australia who dropped out of university to pursue a life of” advantage gambling”. Armed with an incredible math talent and a photographic memory he was able to successfully count cards! Taking the blackjack tables at the casino’s in Australia it is believed that he made a 6 to 7 figure win from a couple of hundred dollars. But as with Bill Benter, the casinos soon realized what he was doing which had him banned from the casino life!

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Not being at all deterred he took to horse race betting finding that he could use his mathematical skills to his advantage and predict winning outcomes of the races. Having been banned from gambling in most of the casino’s in Australia he moved to the United States.

He is known for making around $7.5 million dollars on a Keno Jackpot in New South Wales in 1994. He was inducted into the Blackjack Hall of Fame in 2011!

He is also very secretive about his life, wealth and does not give interview there is a lot of controversy over him and speculation that for business his uses his wife’s surname.

Phil Ivey

Phil Ivey has at one time or another been dubbed as “the best all-around poker player” in the world. He was even elected to the Poker Hall of Fame in 2017, won a World Poker Tour, won not one but ten World Series Poker bracelets and been at World Poker Tour final tables nine times.

His winning ranges from no less than $100 thousand a game to millions. For instance, in 2012 he is said to have won around £7.3 million at Crockfords casino which is in London where he was playing Punto Banco.

Edward O. Thorp

Author of “Beat the Dealer” a book that showed that it was possible to overcome the house odds and beat the deal in blackjack by card counting. A mathematical genius that has used his knowledge to master his blackjack theory by analyzing the game whilst developing reliable ways to card count.

He has not only successfully used his knowledge of statics and probability for gambling but in the stock markets too. His book “Beat the Dealer” has sold over 700 000 copies and is used by many a top gambler including Bill Benter.

Billy Walters

Billy Walters is one of the top sports betting gamblers around and has had successful wins spanning over 3 decades. His story began at the age of 9, he had a temporary job of delivering newspapers of which he used he earning to bet on the New York Yankees in the 1955 World Series to win over the Brooklyn Dodgers. This was not a success for him and he lost the bet but he had got the betting bug and soon became a regular sports better. In his early betting days he was not a big winner and in fact, lost more than he won. By the age of 25 he had lost $50 thousand all together and in 1982 he has lost so much that he lost his house as well.

Still, he did not stop gambling and had more losses in his earlier years than most people ever have. He lost everything he owned about fifteen times and three wives along the way and still, he did not seek gainful employment as his father pleaded with him to do.

Due to some luck and a wheel-bias he and his gambling partner at the time won $3 million at the Atlantic Club Casino Hotel when he was in his late 30s. Since then he has only had one significant loss until he was convicted of insider trading and sentenced to 5 years imprisonment which is being appealed by his legal team.